The Teams 1st International performance

Dancing at the Kiwi Classic Dance Competition 2015 held at the Langham Hotel in Auckland, NZ.

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The Western Australian Masters Formation Team are a dance troop of Masters who train, perform and compete as a group. There are eighteen dancers in the team with eight couples on the floor at any one time.  


Promoting health and well-being through the physical and social benefits of dance.


Our Team offers exciting and energetic Ballroom Dancing floor shows in colourful Ballroom wear.

We are a group of talented and passionate dancers who love to burn up the dance floor!  The Team are available for any type of show including corporate events and private functions, whether as a team or several couples. 

Our floorshow routines are usually between 5 and 6 minutes and involve us performing some of our exciting choreographed routines to specially selected music track mixes.

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